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February 19, 2004



> While this is all "easy" for techie types...

Sorry but it doesn't sound as rosy as you make it appear in this pro-pubsub con-TB view. People using Movable Type or TypePad do not have to do anything special for their weblogs to generate TB links in and out. It doesn't always work, e.g. the linkee doesn't provide TB or TB autodiscovery, but I guess that eventually it will spread to other weblog platforms. I contend that TB, in terms of its user interface, is in any way easier for techies than for the layman. It's not perfect but that's not TB's fault, just a problem of penetration in weblog platforms.

As for pubsub, I have to know about the service, I have to register, I have to hope that all weblogs are in its database for accurate results (I can TB a weblog that pubsub doesn't know about). And I have to rely on yet another third party and its servers. If I want to give my visitors a list of links back to a particular entry, it sounds way more complex to integrate than just using TB out of the box from my weblog platform.

That said, I find pubsub very interesting and useful. I just wish that post was more balanced and didn't start with an obvious anti-TB rant to promote a service that should better compare to Technorati. Has David Sifry claimed that he'll kill TB? I don't recall that. Doesn't pubsub have enough merits on its own to not have to rely on bashing others' technologies to ramp up? I think it does.

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