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April 19, 2004


Peter Quodling

As espoused by Bob and others, there is the web as we know it, which is historical information, and the RSS space, which is the delivery of "Future" information (albeit only occuring when the "Future" becomes now).

There is however, a third category, which was brought to mind by something that happened the other day. I found an old Zip drive, that I had kept an archive of my working environment while on a particular assignment. I grabbed by Browser Bookmarks file from that archive, and started looking though it. It was about 4 years old... over 90% of the several hundred URLs were now dead... Where has that information gone - lost forever?

This brought to mind the situation in the early 90's when some technology companies were starting their death spirals. Many people were laid off, given early retirement or whatever. The software that they had been working, and in many instances had put into the Public Domain, disappeared with their accounts on their employers servers. This didn't only happen with Software Development, but business in general. One of my neighbours worked for 3M or similar and sold plastics to computer companies. It got to the point where his "contacts" would disappear that frequently (and their files would go straight into a archive carton or a dumpster) that the only way that he could keep the relationship current, was to maintain 2-3 "spare" sets of all correspondence to pass on to the new account managers.

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