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August 19, 2004


Peter Quodling


admirable, but this raises the quandary of "what is the Value Proposition" for PubSub?

Is it the ability to find out about something faster than anyone else? Going back to the previous discussion around "enterprise vs Consumer", and the inferred need to focus on the "consumer view", one must look at the potential markets for timely information. Is finding out about a google filing, before one's peers, going to give one an advantage? Given that the mechanism is purely one for information disemmination (and not, say, bidding for something) then the "ROI" is debatable. And, of course, what is ROI on a "free service". Turning this around to becoming say a "bidding engine" might be a direction to head...

If, for arguments sake, Ebay got their act together and XMLified. Then, I could ask PubSub to tell me when someone posts a "widget" on ebay. Further, because of the "other data" that can be matched by PubSub in an XML structure, I could ask for widgets, for sale to my home Country, within a price range of... And get a range of "bid for it", notify me, lookup the auction price in comparision to a "shopping service", only bid if it's x% below RRP, etc etc etc.

No doubt the guys down the road in Wall street can tell you war stories of automated bidders, so there is
a need for more thought and safeguards in this approach..

Inherently, to offer a "faster" deal, there needs to be a level of guarantee, and predictability. Pubsub, is inherently dependent on intervening technology, generically the diversity of the intervening network, but more specifically, the operation (under load) of aggregators. That needs to be understood, and compensated for, to take it to enterprise grade...

I recall the DEC "RTR" - Reliable Transaction Router product, which guaranteed, not only the delivery of a message, but also within a specified time frame. Is this the potential target for the "Enterprise pubsub"?

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