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September 10, 2004


Phil Ringnalda

Now I'm going wind up spending the whole weekend trying to come up with who else used that same idea of annual news subscription cleaning. Definately not Clarke, and my fading memory says older than that (I'm picturing a teletype printing out our narrator's new set of news).

But, I certainly hope that we won't be manually pruning our lists long enough to build up a norm around doing it on one particular day. If my aggregator can't tell me what I've lost interest in, what the last few things in that feed I did like were, and offer to either only get me the things from that feed that other people say I'll like or to just drop it entirely, in a few years, I'll be very surprised.

Bob Wyman

Phil, I think it might have been a Heinlein story. If I remember right, Lazarus Long had a list of persistent queries that Dora, the 'dorable computer that later became his daughter, was keeping track of for him.

bob wyman

Peter Quodling

Bob, I don't know where it tracks relative to works of (Science) Fiction, but this idea has been around in the technology space for a while.
I refer to the works of Jay Licklider and Robert Taylor, in the paper written back in 1968 titled (The Computer as a communication Device) see memex.org/licklider.pdf for a copy. It makes reference to a concept known as an OLIVER (Online Interactive Expediter and Responder.) (I believe this was also in honor of Oliver Selfridge - who came up with the concept.)

I have worked with some associates, to take this concept to the next level. We have even had in place a working "Oliver" that monitored communication within an organization, and made suggestions to improve it, and it's net effect.

Unfortunately, it has been relegated to the back burner, because the time and effort required are significant, and we must focus on the mundane issues of food on the table. Of course, the other interesting challenge would be how to license such a beast.


i extremely happy to read Mr clarke's scientific
predictions come true. can we read more? I would like to have Mr clarke's email address. at present is he in Srilanka? pl reply


we cannot seem to find Arthur C. Clarke's official website, if there is one. we would like to have his e-mail address because our company wishes to build him a website for free, in return for his services in evolving the human mind. This man deserves a lot...

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