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September 11, 2004


Sam Ruby

Would it be possible to get this benefit without any changes to existing clients or requiring RFC 3229? One such idea is explored here:


eric scheid

"Further advancements in efficiency will only come from improving on the encoding efficiency or by introducing push-based components into the architecture."

You are forgetting one other efficiency mechanism: outsourcing the individual entries into their own retrievable resources, leaving only pointers in the feed itself. This is cache friendly, can be used in conjunction with conditional get and RFC3229 deltas, and has the added feature of providing efficiency even to those web hosts that only allow static serving (ie. no cgi).


Sorry Bob, I only saw this after responding to your list post. As a long-term solution I do think this makes sense.
Regarding item-oriented deltas, it might having a look around the RDF literature - this is very close to a batch of requirements there. I'm sure work will have been done on statement-oriented or resource-oriented sync (like URIQA and CBDs - http://swdev.nokia.com/uriqa/URIQA.html), and given the interchange format is XML there may even be some stuff implemented.

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