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September 17, 2004


Nick Bradbury

Just wanted to add that support for RFC3229 via "A-IM: feed" will be included in the next build of FeedDemon.

Garrett Rooney

If you're interested in exploring more interaction between this sort of thing and Subversion let me know, in an alternate life I'm also a Subversion developer, so I may be able to help things along.

Christian Adler

Hello Bob

wTicker supports RFC3229 via 'A-IM: feeds since release

Kind regards

Roger Benningfield

Bob: I've got something that I *think* works, but I'm still testing it to see how it functions in the wild.

(TRANSLATION: It works when I test it with cURL, and it *may* be working with Bloglines... still not certain. BL is definitely getting deltas, but I'm not sure that 304s are being returned on previously retrieved deltas.)

Assuming everything is stable, I'll roll out the code across all JournURL communities... right now, it's only installed for my tech blog. FWIW, I was finally able to hack my way around the server-side caching issues that I mentioned on atom-syntax. The resulting code ain't pretty, but it runs.

Oh, and I can confirm spotting of an RFC3229-aware version of Newzcrawler... looks like it may be an unreleased beta, but it definitely hit my blog and supplied an A-IM header.

Dmitry Jemerov

Omea Reader 1.0.2 also supports RFC3229:

Garrett Rooney

Looks like Geoff Young just committed the patch adding the HTTP_IM_USED constant and "226 IM Used" status line to Apache.



thanks for this:)

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