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November 01, 2004



Do blogs need to ping PubSub specifically or can they ping another source and PubSub will count that as an "active ping"? For example, when I update my blog, I have a script that automatically pings weblogs.com that a new post is available.

I think what would be ideal is that everyone makes just ONE ping to ONE organization that then broadcasts to other organizations (namely PubSub) that it has just pinged.

Bob Wyman

Jordan, We get pings forwarded to us from a number of sources. For instance, Pingomatic.com and blo.gs send us the pings they receive. Also, we try (when possible...) to read the changes.xml file on weblogs.com whenever that service is running. So, there is some sharing of ping data that already goes on. Clearly, there could be more.

In order to encourage more ping sharing, we've been working with others on the FeedMesh project that will, one day, encourage the widest possible sharing of ping data. Check it out at:

bob wyman

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