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February 23, 2005


Tim Duckett

Thanks for the link!

One of the functions we tried was a text-to-speech rendition of the content, but we found that the end results were too grating on the ear to be useful in practice - imagine Stephen Hawking reading the phone directory, and you've got a rough idea of what it sounded like!

Bob Wyman

Yes, I know that text-to-speech still needs much improvement, however, for some people I think you'll find that it is the only option available. Not everyone can afford the expense of having humans read the news to them. In any case, text-to-speech has improved drastically from the old days. I remember, for instance, that we had a text-to-speech system built into the first version of the ALL-IN-1 office automation system back in 1982 using external devices like DECtalk. The sound quality was terrible! On the other hand, it made it possible for Little Stevie Wonder (the blind singer) to "read" his email. What is unacceptable to you may be the best available for others...

bob wyman

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