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February 27, 2005



Yes and blogging is quickly becoming out of date.

Randy Charles Morin

Bob, I think we're sometimes more leading edge than we need to be. When Scoble's book is published, it'll be old hat for you and me, but for most of the world, it'll be prime time.

Stephen Downes

Kedrosky may have mentioned it, but he was far from being first. Here is an article from 2000 that mentions data syndication: http://www.usdla.org/html/journal/NOV00_Issue/story02.htm

Christina Pikas

Maybe I'm missing something... but isn't this "semantic web" stuff from years ago? I agree that feeds of data/content with appropriate tags (in the XML sense, not folksonomy sense) for re-use are a good idea. Isn't this already going on to a certain extent?

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