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April 23, 2005


Randy Charles Morin

Bob, I and others have noticed that ping-o-matic is no longer reliable.


Is extended ping more reliable? I don't see how. Any thoughts?

[Bob Wyman responds:
The two forms of ping are equally reliable in that they both rely on XML-RPC. However, an extended ping is likely to generate more immediate traffic to your site then the old-style basic ping will. This is because there are quite a number of services that prefer or insist on reading from RSS and Atom feeds. If you send an old-style basic ping, your ping is only most useful to a service that doesn't care about feeds. If you send an extended ping, then either HTML or RSS focused services will be able to use your feed. So, given that it is trivial to generate an extended ping, why not do so? You only gain by sending an extended-ping. I can see no benefit in sending old-style basic pings unless you know that the service you're pinging hasn't been updated to accept extended pings. Such services will fade rapidly, I think.]

I don't see any benefit of no longer accepting basic pings if your blogging tool of choice decides to upgrade to extended pings. There will always be people who haven't upgraded their current blogging software. It's not a matter of letting the user choose basic or extended pings - extended pings are the obviously more powerful choice and those that support it should default to it. But is there any real reason to exclude those that haven't upgraded from being able to ping?

[Bob Wyman responds:

I am not suggesting that services stop accepting basic pings. Rather, I am arguing strongly that people should stop *sending* the old-style basic pings. Of course, you would make an exception if you were sending data to a service that hasn't been updated to accept extended-bings. But, such services will be much less common in the future.

People who insist on sending old-style basic pings are basically excluding themselves from getting the best service from today's search and matching engines. This is especially the case for those total old-timers that not only send old-style basic pings but also don't provide feed autodiscovery tags in their HTML pages.]


I can certainly see the motivation for passing along the extra data, but talking historical, isn't it about time to move on from XML-RPC?

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