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May 08, 2005


Michael Arrington

This is an absolutely wonderful post. I agree 100% with this (and I don't always agree with you, Bob :-) )


Lots of stuff to digest in this one. Very good.

Peter Dean

An extremely interesting and convincing piece. Somebody could make a lot of money if they really thought through the implications.

Johannes Kepler

Supplanting eBay, Monster, etc. would be very difficult. Don't forget that eBay has successfully sued to keep its site from being crawled. If you can't crawl eBay to aggregate the info your auction service would be sparsely populated. This (legal) is probably the only thing stopping Google from aggregating auctions.

Bob Haugen

I think structured blogging is a great start toward supplanting eBay, but you also need business transactions. eBay registers auction wins, PayPal pays for the goods and can track shipments, and they even have a relationship with Escrow.com.

It would be possible to do a better job of all of the above features, but at least eBay can complete deals in some fashion.

Are you interested in completing the circle?

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