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June 03, 2005


James Snell

On the plus side, it does appear as if the sitemaps feature is able to digest Atom feeds in addition to it's own format.

Joseph Scott

Read through the Sitemap FAQ (https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/faq.html) and you'll see that there is already a way to ping Google (https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/faq.html#s4) to let them know about your sitemap file. Although this is under the section of submitting your sitemap file, I suspect that it will also be expanded to provided updates.

As for being compatible with ATOM, yeah that would be a plus I suppose. It doesn't really bother much since the format is pretty simply. I realize from your perspective though that means more work for PubSub in supporting yet another format.

It would be nice if I could actually use links in your comments instead of putting them in as text. Make it hard to put a dent in your LINKCount if I can't put in any useful links :-)

John Furier

Nice speaking to you at UTR event. Drop me an email I want to chat. Also lets do a podcast at gnomedex

John Furrier

Randy Charles Morin

So why didn't Google just re-use Atom? It wasn't a perfect fit? I guess when one format isn't a perfect fit, that justifies creating a new one. I mean, that's why Atom exists in the first place. Right?


how can i get a soft to create the sitemaps of mine..please,thinks.

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