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August 24, 2005


Casey Whittaker

Fantastic statement Bob... I've been using XMPP since the beginning and count myself amongst the (unfortunately) scarce population of XMPP developers on the scene right now. I am witnessing a mini-revolution amongst my development team as they are suddenly realizing the potential available from the technology. We are coming in to exciting times, indeed.


Great post Bob. At Tribe today we run a Jabber server and support Jabber client connections. We haven't gone the route of fully supporting this yet so it does require Tribe members who really want to take advantage of this to download a Jabber client and getting running and connected properly w/very lil' help fm Tribe (it's a resource issue for us right now). However, we went this route because of our belief in an open and interconnected world. Obviously, this Google announcement makes us happy that perhaps this direction will enable us to interconnect and communicate w/others sooner than we had anticipated.

...next step, hopefully to open up our events, listings, recommendations/reviews into structured blogging world :-)

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