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September 11, 2005


Greg Linden

Hi, Bob. Any thoughts on how many blogs there are in this middle rank of good stuff weblogs?

On the Ask Jeeves weblog at


Jim Lanzone said that only about 1.1M weblogs have even one subscriber. The subset of interesting weblogs -- blogs that are interesting enough to have at least a couple dozen readers -- is likely a small fraction of that.

What do you consider to be the end of the middle rank? How many of the 16M weblogs out there would fall into the upper or middle ranks? How many of the 16M weblogs are interesting enough to be considered good stuff?

Dan Isaacs

"The harsh reality is that those with the lowest ranks tend to stay that way. Those with the highest rank tend to keep their high rank."

An excellent point, that I think is equally applicable to socio-economics, or pretty much anything else. :)

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