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July 03, 2006


Michael Buckbee

I'm all for making the discussion of Net Neutrality/Discrimination more accessible to those outside the tech community (another prominent theme at Gnomedex this year). My \3 Step Guide to Make Anyone care about Net Neutrality (http://www.buzzwordcompliant.net/?p=36) is an attempt at something similar.

I'm not even sure it matters so much what we call Network Neutrality. The important thing is to present this as a matter of free speech and information distribution (versus focusing on the tech aspects of this).

Randy Charles Morin

I think people miss the censorship angle as it related to porn and gambling. Do they get equal service?

Bob Wyman

The point is to simplify, clarify, and focus the issue to the point where it is easy to understand and hard to misunderstand. I think people understand that people should get equal value for equal pay. It is a well accepted principle of every-day-life and common sense. It even resonates with constitutional principles of "equal treatment." The other Net Neutrality issues, some very arcane, can all be expressed in terms of "equal treatment," "equal service," "equal access," etc. The idea is to stress equality. In this context, Equality implies "neutrality." Folk generally accept that equality is a good thing.

bob wyman

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