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September 14, 2006


Randy Charles Morin

I'm not a big fan of open source, but in this case, I think it's the solution. Open source software and hardware. Give us the ability to find flaws before others do.

Steven Elliott

So explain to me how a "paper trail" is audited by election workers at the end of the day. New York's existing mechanical machines tabulate totals but do not maintain a serial record (in order to protect voter anonymity). If an electronic machines "paper trail" tabulation simply has totals, then it is no more valid than the electronic version. If it records individual votes, how can poll workers confirm those votes were actually cast as the tabulation says? The most irritating thing about HAVA to New Yorkers must be that we are being forced to abandon our reliable mechanical voting machines because other states have been so sloppy and incompetent. Yes, yes, I know, the mechanical machines are no longer made and so the existing ones are difficult to maintain. Well, if we threw as much money at that problem as we are likely to spend on electronic machines, we could outfit the nation with fraud-proof mechanical machines. Personally, I intend to vote by paper ballot from now on.

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