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March 06, 2007


Phil Aaronson

Having kids taught me a couple things. First the 5-second rule definitely applies. And second, we adults are really just a thin veneer covering our inner four year old.

So what will come of this democratization of access? Hmmm, what would a four year old do if they knew you were listening but not responding to them ... oh, it's going to be ugly. Very ugly.

Michele Grant

"Radical restructuring of the traditional relationship between author and reader," or taking us back to a pre-industrialized conception of the relationship between storyteller and audience?

[Michelle: Your comment is well made. What is "traditional" today has not always been traditional. It seems that in many ways, the web is taking us back to traditions once lost. Our large world is being made "small" again...

In the days of the village, the relationship between storyteller and audience was much more direct, immediate and vibrant than what we see off-the-web today.

The same is true for the relationship between seller and buyer. Once, it was the case that a seller of bad products would be rapidly discovered and rounded out of town as a result. Then, as societies grew, the size of the market and the remoteness of producers took a great deal of power away from the buyers who could no longer usefully discover or communicate with each other. Today, as blogs and review sites become more popular, we are seeing the rebirth of a strong dialogue between buyers and a more useful method of sharing reputation data.

The web, giant that it is, is making the world feel more like a village...

bob wyman ]

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