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October 18, 2007


Michele Grant

I didn't get the highest grade in my patents class this summer, but Amazon may have referenced your patents as a way to note (1) that their patent was distinguishable, and (2) that your work was not "prior art" that would prevent them from securing their patent.

On my very brief examination, all the patents you're referencing are gobbledegook to me. :) But the above is what comes to mind when I see prior patents referenced in an application for a new patent.


Good news. Amazon 'one-click' is a joke of a patent.

Basically, its a credit card payment system complete with unique identifier (yeah, that 4xxxx number), user dbms, address, pre-registration, purchase history,etc. Take away the magnetic strip and add an Internet GUI. 'One swipe versus 'One click'. Big deal. The connection is so common and obvious that it is not.

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