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February 29, 2008



This isn't really at question. US Law makes the child of two US citizens a US citizen as long as one of them has ever resided in the USA at any time. If one citizen is a parent, then that one must have resided for 5 years in the US at least two after the age of 14.

The courts have made numerous rulings about citizenship over the years, and have defined two and only two types of citizen: naturalized and born. They have never defined natural born but have used the term interchangeably with born.

The only distinction between born in the USA and born overseas is that the 14th amendment controls born in the USA and thus no restrictions exist on it, while they do impose conditions on born citizenship overseas, for example, one parent must have resided in the US.

Until a court rules no one knows if you are eligible to be President, but there is no precedent whatever to say you aren't.

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