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May 12, 2008


Blaine Cook

Hey Bob,

thanks for the excellent post. Obviously, one of the major hurdles (beyond just a total lack of time) to getting a federated PubSub going at Twitter was the business model question, but I think (can't / don't speak for Twitter here) they get it; certainly my conversations at the time indicated as much.

Anyhow, I'm planning on devoting at least the next year to seeing services (re: not necessarily micro-blogging) XMPP enabled, and thus real-time and federated. I definitely agree with your comments over on Cliff's blog re: handling thousands of Tweets per second (at least, thousands of deliveries per second, which obviously isn't the same as incoming messages). The scaling challenge, of course, remains even in the federated model --- presenting archival views isn't easy. ;-)

Greg Clinton

As far as the recent twitter outages, I can't help but wonder how well they would have faired if Google App Engine had been around for them to build on.


ya could just write a protocol from scratch, easier and more efficient than piggybacking on XMPP or HTTP. too bad all the real good protocol designers died in the late 90's

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