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June 01, 2008


Eugene Jen

Hi Bob,

I happened to bump into an article by Nick Carr today. http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2008/06/was_ebay_a_fad.php

We know Craigslist is built on enabling customers to easily post ads with minimum cost. This capability at the same time also helps con artists and spammers to use it just like the current eBay. So what if the newspaper publishers position themselves as an alternative to Craigslist by enabling authentication or verification? And by adding cost to spammers and scam artists to reduce the noise?

Rick Waghorn

Which is fine... until you ask them to drop their geography... that's where their real problems lie. Becoming geography-lite.


This post is on the money:

According to my publisher, my paper is down $75 million from the classified high. He views that money as gone.

Auto oglasi

Thats is not correct..."It's just not worth the bother unless the technology is distinctly and greatly different."

Jeff Paul Internet Business

Well i must say eBay, Monster or Craigslist innovate in ways that newspapers didn't. and they are really powerfull for boosting your ebusiness by getting quality traffic.

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