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February 28, 2011


Beverly Routt

Your arguments for conversion of dirty oil to natural gas are correct.
The rationale is aligned with the Pickens Plan. We,the US, can no longer sustain or justify the billions of dollars spent and sent to often unfriendly oil-producing nations. Natural gas is an abundant US resource. It is a viable resource for the grid as we, the US, continue developing solar, wind power, etc. This is a national security issue.
Thank you,
A Concerned Citizen in Texas, USA

Leeds Plumber

An extremely compelling and well presented article. "This is certainly the case. However, it is important to look beyond the simple up-front costs and also consider the financial benefits of conversion. Converting from oil to natural gas is the only option that will result in a reduction of monthly heating bills. In most cases, the savings will be sufficient to payback the up-front costs of conversion in between 1 and 5 years" Surely it is maddness not consider the cost implications of anything in any terms other than its return over time. Everything costs but if the return outweighs that cost in a reasonable time then its an investment and in the current environment one of few which you know will keep on paying.

solar panels

"These 10,000 Dirty Buildings are not only polluting our air, they are wasting money." - you couldn't have said it any better. Something must be done to solve this.

Christian Jenny

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cheap conservatories

"it will also ensure more affordable housing" - exactly. Cheaper and cleaner energy can affect and lower cost of living.

feed in tariff

Net zero buildings are catching up. These new rules can only help towards cheaper housing and lower cost of living.

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